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As a Management Consultancy we provide our customers with a comprehensive, proven methodology for revenue growth and margin protection through a unique Revenue Sustainability and Growth Approach achieved across Company-Level Revenue Enablers and Sales Organisation-Level Revenue Drivers.

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We design interventions to address challenges at the company and sales organisation levels

Enhanced Competitive Profile

Is your Competitive Profile giving you a strategic advantage over competitors on key buyer needs?

When customers perceive your Company as very similar to your competitors, price becomes the only differentiator.

We redefine your Company’s competitive profile based on key criteria that your buyers consider when selecting amongst a set of buying options.

We then identify unaddressed buyer needs that your customers would find valuable and which your company could profitably create and leverage to your advantage.

The result is a new value curve for a viable strategic advantage over competitors.


Advanced Value Proposition

Do buyers understand the true value you offer?

Missed opportunities arise when customers do not understand what makes your Company different to your competitors and why.

We define what differentiators your Company delivers and ensure that these features are aligned with your buyers’ needs.

We then explore areas for alignment with unmet customer requirements to craft Value Proposition statements.

Protection and Growth Levers

Are you missing opportunities by not selecting the best protection and growth levers?

Your need to protect your Company from competitor threats and strengthen your position.

We assist your Company with two market levers.

With the market protection lever we analyse your most valuable customers by ranking them across multiple data points. In the market share gain lever, we analyse the share of wallet per customer in relation to their total spend and then plan what percentage can optimally be targeted.


Sales Organisation Strategy

Is your Sales Organisation Strategy designed to leverage the Company’s differentiators for profitability?

When your Salesforce is not seen as adding value to customers’ buying decisions – they’ll either buy from competitors or stick with the status quo.

We deliver outcomes through a 360-degree Sales Organisation GAP assessment.

This assessment forms the basis for a 5-Pillar Strategic Sales Organisation Workshop where a customer-centric, differentiated Sales Organisation Strategy is designed for a Competitive Advantage.

Customer Engagement Process

Are you losing sales through a poor customer sales engagement process?

There is a serious disconnect when your Salesforce is focussed on features and benefits instead of your customers’ challenges and needs.

We design a bespoke Sales Engagement Process based on the ‘Psychology of Change’ that addresses buyer needs in the absence of your solutions.

In the process, we transition your Salesforce from benefits, features, and price discussions to business outcome engagements and return on investment.


Sales Reps Hiring and Development

Are you struggling to appoint, train and retain top Sales Reps?

Your Company needs Sales Reps equipped to differentiate your Sales Organisation in a highly competitive, low-growth business environment.

We deploy unique solutions to improve Sales Rep performance.

These range from hiring benchmarks, based on a unique Competitive Sales DNA assessment, to focussed gap analysis training. The outcomes are key sales skills, productivity improvement and deal progression methodologies.

Sales Manager Hiring and Development

Are you struggling to appoint, train and retain top Sales Managers?

Your Company needs Sales Managers equipped to manage and motivate a Salesforce to achieve their targets.

We deploy unique solutions to improve your Sales Management. From hiring benchmarks based on a globally unique Competitive Sales DNA assessment, to focussed gap analysis training.

The outcomes are key soft and hard sales management skills, coaching capability, and productivity enhancement.


Salesforce Enablement

Is your Salesforce struggling to gain stakeholder access and demonstrate credibility?

In today’s highly competitive business environment, your Salesforce needs tools to create relevance to gain access and to convince hidden stakeholders.

Our internationally award-winning ThinkSales Global content division produces marketing and sales content by assisting customers with video and written case studies to overcome objections to meetings, validate purchasing decisions and persuade hidden stakeholders.


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