Revenue Driver Metrics - Workshop for Sales Managers


This workshop is designed to assist Sales Organisations to identify the activities, outcomes required and measurements at each stage of the sales cycle to strengthen management control and sales results.
  • 2-Day Facilitator-led workshop
  • Practical exercises & take away tools for immediate implementation
  • Available as an in-house workshop for groups of 8+ delegates
  • Ongoing additional training services available for in-house programmes


  • Sales Directors and Senior Management responsible for deploying sales strategies and/or tracking results
  • Front-line and second-line Sales Managers
  • Business Owners interested in establishing best practice sales management systems for predictable, scalable results


  • Managers with core sales management skills in place
  • Managers needing to focus their efforts in order to gain consistent results
    New sales managers


It has been found that as few as 17% of metrics tracked by sales organisations are directly manageable by Sales Leaders.

This means that as much as 83% of sales data that is tracked cannot be directly managed – and therefore cannot be directly impacted or improved.

  • Many Sales Organisations focus on metrics that cannot be actively managed – metrics such as ‘increase in wallet share’ or ‘increase in revenue’
  • No Sales Manager can actively manage ‘wallet share’ – they can however set targets for and actively manage the number of appointments made, key account plans completed and and proposals sent
  • Many Sales Organisations fail to clearly articulate the metrics that drive sales activities and outcomes at a granular level
  • This curtails the impact Sales Managers can have in driving and measuring the correct activities and outcomes required at each stage of the sales cycle.


This workshop has been designed to help attendees build a process-driven sales organisation to overcome the following challenges:
  • Sales Managers may be regularly analysing numbers and yet find that this has little or no impact on improving results
  • Sales processes are not clearly articulated and procedures are not implemented uniformly throughout the sales organisation, making it difficult for managers to effectively and consistently manage.


Attendees will leave this course with practical and implementable solutions for each of the content pillars listed below:


Identifying & managing sales metrics & activities that get results

1. Strategic Sales Planning

  • Market: Where do we sell for best return?
  • Customers: Who should we focus on selling to?
  • Offering: Which products should we focus on?

2. Formalise the Sales Process for Predictable Results

  • If your sales process has not been formalised and is not consistently and uniformly followed you are simply not able to effectively measure and manage the activities of your team

3. Processes to Build a High Performance Sales Force

  • Develop the foundation, clarity, systems and processes required to build highly effective sales teams

4. Sales Planning Tools to Transform Sales Interactions

Powerful frameworks for Sales Managers and their teams to become more strategic and effective in sales interactions:

  • Call Planning
  • Opportunity Planning
  • Account Planning

5. Pipeline Management: A Framework for Clarity & Control

  • A framework for Sales Managers for greater control & impact at the various stages of a typical B2B pipeline

We asked delegates what the single-most important concept learnt in this programme was that will lead to a change in their results?

“Deriving measurable metrics from your business objectives.”
“This helped us identify our ideal prospect-profile using the 80/20 to the power of three concept”
“This programme enabled us to identify that we should have been using leading instead of lagging indicators in our pipeline management all along.”
“Having never tracked the buyer-cycle before, this has given us a whole new perspective.”
“Lead qualification and sales cycle metrics are the most important concepts for us.”
“I wish I knew about this programme five years ago.”


Do you customise this workshop?

This workshop has been designed to allow for each attendee to custom-build their own set of metrics, activities and measures to suit their Sales Organisation.

Do you offer a certificate for this workshop?

Yes. All delegates who attend the full workshop will be awarded with a certificate of attendance.

Do you offer the Revenue Driver Metrics Workshop in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban?

All of our courses are offered throughout Southern Africa as in-house training programmes on bookings that meet the minimum number of delegates required.

Do you offer Public training for the Revenue Driver Metrics Workshop?

No, This workshop is available for in-house bookings only.


ThinkSales offers a range of additional services designed to optimise ROI for companies that purchase in-house training.

These tailor-made programmes assist our clients to implement and embed learnings in their organisations over an extended period of time to ensure results.


Selected courseware and terminology can be tailored for in-house course delivery, to ensure the content is 100% aligned to our clients’ selling environment and challenges.

In-Field Observation

Our consultants accompany sales executives in-field before training commences to inform them of alignment requirements for course delivery and / or after training to assess progress and make recommendations for improvement.

Implementation & Deployment

Our consultants run Implementation sessions with managers following training to assist them to prioritise key course learnings for implementation and align those learnings with existing systems, processes and terminology. ThinkSales also runs Deployment sessions with the broader team for adoption of selected learnings.

Refresher Training

Refresher sessions for a period of 3, 6 or 12 months following initial training are designed to cement learnings. These sessions refresh key concepts, assist delegates to embed learnings in their daily processes and workshop “real-life” challenges.