Managing your customer relationships and sales initiatives is too critical to put into the hands of the wrong person.


  • The Management Potential Pro™ assessments is specifically designed to predict the manager’s potential and help companies develop and maintain high performance managers
  • This tool uses advanced statistical methods to assess the factors that allow managers to effectively manage employees and their performance.



  • Field Sales Managers
  • Telesales Managers
  • Contact Centre Service Managers


  • The Self Management Group, located in Toronto Canada, is the largest sales profiling company in the world – operating in 45 countries
  • Management PRO™ is used by several high-performance companies around the world and is currently offered in over 20 different languages
  • Assessments are available via an online system and are available 24/7, 365 days a year.

ThinkSales is the exclusive distributor of Self Management Group’s Assessments in Southern Africa.


Use the Management Screen and the Management Potential Pro™ Profile Assessments to save time in recruitment and money that may otherwise be wasted on poor hiring decisions


The Management Screen™ is an effective solution to the challenge of targeting and screening a high number of potential recruits. It provides a quick snapshot of the candidate’s potential for a management role.
  • Identify high potential individuals who will thrive in management positions
  • Use data-based criteria to assess talent, work history, and probability of success
  • Eliminate candidates lacking essential management characteristics
  • Obtain information for manager matching and team building
  • Predict performance and retention
  • Assessments are conducted by candidates online
  • Recruiters have 100% administrative control of their accounts via the ThinkSales Online platform.


The ManagementPRO™ Profile provides an in-depth report for informed decision-making on short-listed candidates
  • Recruit and select the best managers
  • Predict fit and retention
  • Be informed about teamwork, coaching, succession planning and more
  • Evaluate self-confidence, emotional intelligence and orientation of candidates
  • Get an overview of personality traits and their application in management
  • The Client’s Company Report Includes suggested interview questions, tailored to the individual
  • The Candidate also receives a report with an overview of strengths and some career counselling on what to seek and what to avoid in career paths. This adds value to them in the hiring process, whether they are appointed or not
  • In addition to being an excellent tool for recruiting and selecting employees, the detailed report can also be used for coaching managers, succession planning and matching individuals to mentors and colleagues.




The Management Potential Pro™ evaluates the following key elements of sales management and leadership skills:
  • Essential elements of self-management
  • Approach to recruitment and attraction of promising candidates
  • Approach to development and sales training
  • Approach for sales team growth and performance management.


ManagementPRO™ also provides an overview of an individual's management style, including a wide variety of management skills:
  • Leadership style
  • Communication style
  • How objectives and strategies are implemented
  • Approaches to motivate people
  • Feedback style
  • Approaches for accompaniment
  • Approaches for training.


Emotional Quotient (EQ) is important to help managers understand interpersonal relationships. Management PRO™ evaluates and communicates EQ factors as:
  • Self-awareness
  • Determining and monitoring moods
  • Determination
  • Empathy
  • Social judgment.


Why should I use Personality Assessments?

With the difficult economic climate and the development of stringent employment legislation, hiring the ‘correct’ individual within any organisation has become a critical issue as is optimising the use of current resources within your sales organisation.

A key factor is that managers are not able to objectively measure key DNA sales attributes such as call reluctance, time management, closing capability and leadership orientation with 100% certainty.

Personality assessments afford the element of objectivity and predictability, eliminating the ‘guess work’ out of selection and development. These tools increase the probability of predicting future performance as well as strengths and weaknesses and have a direct impact on revenue generation.

Am I using the best psychometric tools?

We use the highly reputable Self Management Group (SMG) psychometric tools which focus on training and coaching programmes to help clients improve performance by focusing on self-management in all its aspects (commitment, effort, attitude, and lifestyle management).

Top organisations are using SMG’s online screening and selection tools to improve performance by getting the right people doing the right things.

SMG partners with clients to attract and select top potential and maximise results through the use of proprietary, psychometric assessment tools, innovative self-management training, coaching and leadership consulting services. It’s success has been built on a proven formula for the selection, training, coaching and retention of ‘self-managing’ individuals, sales professionals, service representatives, managers and leaders.

SMG were the first company to provide normative, psychometric profiles on the internet and since then have become the largest sales profiling company in the world.

Are all the psychometric assessments online?

  • Yes, our psychometric assessments are all completed online.
  • An online account is generated for each new client, with details on how to use the psychometric tests and accounts.
  • From your personal account, an invitation to complete the assessment is sent to the relevant candidate’s email.
  • To complete the assessment the candidate must have an internet connection.
  • Once the assessment is complete the report will automatically be available in your online account.
  • The candidate will automatically receive their “Candidate Report” once the assessment has been completed.

Can I use the same assessment for every position?

  • The same psychometric test can not be used for every position as different psychometric assessments measure different characteristics or traits.
  • We need to understand the personality traits associated with successful performance for a particular position before an assessment is selected.

Can these psychometric assessments be used for both recruitment and development?

  • Yes. Our psychometric assessments can be used for recruitment purposes, to identify the candidate who has the greatest potential for succeeding within your organisation.
  • The second use is for sales force optimisation and also fulfils a development and efficiency function. By identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your current team members, organisations can take a targeted approach to training and optimising training budgets.

What support do you offer customers?

  • ThinkSales has a team of in-house Psychometrists in Johannesburg, who are available to assist our clients with psychometric profile interpretation queries or sales candidate assistance.
  • Our administrators are also able to assist clients with queries regarding the online account and functionality.

Will I be able to interpret the psychometric assessment results?

  • Our psychometric tests are easy to understand.
  • The psychometric test reports are graphical and contain written interpretations for the user to understand the profile in question.
  • We also offer full in-house training to help our clients gain a comprehensive understanding of the psychometric profiles and how to effectively use the results in your recruitment and management processes.

Is it possible to fake psychometric test results?

  • It is very difficult to fake psychometric assessment results because the section that deals with character traits has low ‘face validity’ which means it requires expertise in trait analysis and test construction to understand what factors the profiles are examining.
  • The volume of items provides for considerable psychometric depth and as all of the items are strengths in some context, candidates who plan to enhance their profiles artificially find it difficult to do so.

Where do you offer your psychometric assessment services and recruitment processes assistance?

We offer psychometric assessments and assistance with your recruitment processes in South Africa, servicing the main regions of Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

Our psychometric tests can be taken online, which means your candidates can be tested anywhere in South Africa, across all provinces including Western Cape, Gauteng and Kwa-Zulu Natal. The ThinkSales sales team will guide you through the psychometric assessment process.

Are these psychometric assessments available in South Africa?

  • Yes. ThinkSales Corporation is the exclusive distributor of Self Management Group’s suite of psychometric assessments in South Africa and the southern Africa region.
  • Our head office is situated in Johannesburg.
  • The broader geography is serviced via an easy-to-use online portal.


ThinkSales offers this suite of services to assist companies in hiring and developing their Sales Managers and Sales Reps

Build stronger sales teams with benchmarking by identifying the best sales DNA for your organisation and hiring accordingly.


A scientific development tool for identifying the strengths and development areas within your existing sales force.