Value-based selling in a disruptive business environment.

The Media Sector has undergone immense changes over just the past few years, most notably in a shift from non-digital to digital media with a key requirement by marketers being the effective measurement of consumer engagement in the media platform.

Print and newspapers, unable to operate in a digital world are under the most pressure as they are not able to track and measure unique users to the core target market of a customer. Any platforms unable to deliver this customer data are no longer on media schedules of companies or ad agencies.

Assuming these media challenges are overcome, it is incumbent on management to equip the sales force to engage with customers through a diagnostic sales engagement process founded on value-based selling techniques.

This download pack outlines challenges and solutions related to:

  • Engaging Customers
  • Sales Process Design
  • Sales Management
  • Sales Executives
  • Hiring & Employee Churn
  • Sales Enablement

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