Fill Your Sales Talent Pipeline

Companies developing their talent pipeline are gaining momentum and are poised to come out on top. Will you be ready?

For businesses and their hiring managers, the dent in the economy could mean finding top-notch talent who may have otherwise been unavailable. Here are five strong reasons why companies that want to come out on top will continue to develop their candidate pipeline.

1. Pipeline development is part of their growth strategy.

You don’t wait until it snows to gather firewood, and these companies don’t wait until they need to hire to start identifying candidates who are equipped to be a part of their company’s success.

2. They know that long-term hiring success requires a process.

It is a lot easier to keep a fire going than it is to start one, so these companies will start an ongoing dialogue with candidates with the intention of making an offer when the time is right.

3. A developed candidate pipeline removes major competition from the equation.

When the time to hire arrives, these companies either have their offer prepared or they are at the top of the candidate’s mind. This reduces the chances of a salary war.

4. Having qualified candidates on hand minimises delays in production.

Sometimes unforeseen events can cause the ball to be dropped. A developed and managed candidate pipeline allows companies to rebound quickly and efficiently.

5. A company that is actively recruiting is considered a strong company.

By continuing to engage prospective candidates, these companies strengthen their own company brand among others in their industry and remain aware of other trends within their market segment.

Prepare your business for a talented future even as you take care of the hiring requirements of here and now. Building a successful team requires talent at multiple levels at multiple times including contingent labour. You may not be hiring all the “A” performers today, you just need to know where they are – have the tools in place to “call them up” when the time comes – and have an employer brand that will attract them to your roles instead of those of the competition.

And while these five reasons may not cover everything, remember them the next time you hear “the economy” as the excuse for why people are not moving forward.